“The Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design, Inc. was formed in 1969 to provide students and the community with an excellent level of service to meet the strong needs of our profession.

We strive to develop an environment where creativity and growth are emphasized. To achieve our goals, there is a commitment from staff members and students to teach and learn in the most professional manner. We are we Nationally Accredited.

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Net Price Calculator
Please read. By clicking below, I acknowledge that the estimate provided using this calculator does not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance, or a final net price; it is an estimate based on price of attendance and financial aid provided to students in a previous year. Price of attendance and financial aid availability change year to year. The estimates shall not be binding on the Secretary of Education, the institution of higher education, or the State. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for, and receive, an actual financial aid award that includes Federal grant, loan, or work-study assistance. For more information on applying for Federal student aid, go to
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Spa Packages

Skin Care

Plain Facial $20.00

Spa / European Facial $40.00

Galvanic Spa Treatment $25.00

Micro-Current Treatment $50.00

Extra Pack or Mask (separate) $10.00

Make Up $10.00

Artificial Lashes $10.00

Back Facial $40.00

Body Treatments $50.00

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Nationally Accredited

Financial Information

The Glen Dow Academy is nationally accredited and Federally funded, using the FAFSA form to apply for financial aid to qualifying students. A copy of the previous year's taxes will be requested as proof of income from the student, and often times, from the parents as well. Students may apply online at The school code is #009739, or forms are available here at the school.

Unlike many institutions that expect students to find their own way to pay for their education, the staff at Glen Dow Academy will assist you in every way. GDA is only one of a few cosmetology schools in the Inland Northwest that offers Title IV Financial Aid. Dawn Babb in our Financial Aid Department will do everything from guiding you through all the financial aid and loan options, to going over private loan options with you.'

Entrance and Exit Interviews

Completing entrance and exit counseling is a requirement by Glen Dow Academy and The Department of Education. Please visit for more information.

Available Financial Aid


Glen Dow Academy is a school that is approved by the US Department of Education. This means funding can be available through PELL and WSNG Grants to those who qualify. Students must meet certain criteria to be eligible for these grants, which do not have to be repaid.

Stafford Student Loans

These are low interest loans that can only be offered by schools like Glen Dow Academy, which is approved by the US Department of Education. You must begin loan payments six months after you complete your course of study, or terminate it. You have up to 10 years to repay the loan, with payments as low as $50 per month. And you don't need a perfect credit rating to apply!

Parent Plus Loan

If a student is still considered a dependant (younger than 24, no children, not married) and their parents are interested in helping them with school expenses, there are also Parent Plus Loans available. These are low interest loans with up to 10 year repayments. Again, the team at Glen Dow Academy will happily provide you with information and assistance.

Contact , in our Financial Aid Department if you need further assistance or information.

The minimum enrollment requirements are being of 17 years of age and completion of a high school diploma/GED. As a private school, we do have an application process that includes a school tour, interview, and aptitude test. Appointments can be made with . She will be your first contact at the school.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Your tuition and fees are automatically paid from your grant awards and/or student loans, any remaining balance will be paid to you by check. If you stop attending classes or withdraw from all of your classes you may be required to repay a portion of your awards. If you must stop attending classes, we urge you to stop by the Financial Aid Office in person before you withdraw, so we can explain how withdrawal dates affect financial aid eligibility and repayment amounts.


Many schools offer loans at much higher interest rates up to 20%, because the school is not approved by the US Department of Education, so be sure to consider this when selecting your school.

Our Financial Aid Office experiences peak times during the months of June/July and September/August. During this time you may experience a longer wait time for completion of Financial Aid. The average time it takes to complete a students financial aid is 3 to 4 weeks.

Our financial aid year starts July 1st and ends June 30th. Attending some courses may put you in two. (2) financial aid award years.

Links / Contacts

Number for help completing the FAFSA - Call 1-800-433-3243
Website and phone for VA - - 1.888.442.4551
Sites with good info on FAFSA - and
Net price calculator -
College navigator site -
Enterance and exit counseling -

Downloads / Forms

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Service Pricing

Hair Cut

Haircut / Shampoo / Cond. $7.00 & Up

Haircut / Shampoo / Blow Dry $10.00 & Up

Haircut / Shampoo / Blow Dry / Curl $14.00 & Up

Beard Trim $4.00


(Shampoo/Haircut/Cond/Style Included) $25.00 & Up

Long Hair Wraps $55.00 & Up

Extra Box $6.00

Chemical Relaxing

Thio Lotion or Cream (Texturizer) $25.00 & Up

Sodium Hydroxide $30.00 & Up

Soft Curl Perm $45.00 & Up

Foil Highlights

(Includes Shampoo, Cond. & Style)

Short $40.00

Medium $45.00

Long $50.00

Extra Color Batches $9.00 Extra

Separate Foils $2.50 (15 Foils Maximum) (Style Extra)

Hair Color

Tint Touch-Up $30.00

1st Time Tinting $30.00

Bleach Touch-Up $35.00 & Up

1st Time Bleaching $40.00 & Up

Colorance $25.00

Extra Color Batches $9.00 Each

Toners $15.00

Fillers $9.00 & Up

Color Mousse $3.00 & Up

Cap Frost $25.00 & Up

Color Remover (Per Box Application $30.00 & Up)


Shampoo / Blow Dry / Iron Curl $9.00 (Short Hair)

Medium Hair $11.00 & up

Long Hair $13.00 & up

Evening Style / Updo Short $22.00 & up

Evening Style / Updo Long $25.00 & up

Glitter Spray $2.00 & up

Braiding $15.00/HR Per Student

Shampoo / Set $6.75 (Includes Spray)

Extensions Price Quoted

Shampoo $3.00

Conditioner $3.00

Scalp Treatment (Shampoo/Style Includ.)

Heat Cap/Colesteral $15.00 (Short) $17.00 (Long)

Specialty Formulas $18.00 (Short) $20.00 (Long)


Eye Brow Wax $6.00 & up

Lip Wax $6.00 & up

Chin Wax $6.00 & up

Bikini Line $15.00 & up

Leg Waxing (Upper Only) $20.00 & up

Leg Waxing (Lower Only) $20.00 & up

Arm Wax (Lower) $12.00 & up

Under Arm Wax $10.00 & up

Back Wax (Upper half) $20.00 & up

Chest Wax $20.00 & up


Nail Enhancements $20.00 (Polish Included)

Fills $10.00 (Polish $3.00 Extra)

Backfills $15.00 (Polish $3.00 Extra)

Plain Manicure $11.00 (Polish Included)

French Mani $13.00

Pedicure $17.00 (Polish Included)

Spa Pedicure $25.00

Polish Only $5.00

Repairs $1.00 w/ Fill-$2.00 w/o

Soak Off Nails (Per Nail) $1.50

Nail Art (Per Nail) $1.00 & up

Paraffin Treatment $6.00

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